Back to school and back to school activities

Dallas public schools are back in session on August 27. Are you ready for the craziness of a new school year to begin? The freedom that comes with summer will soon come to an end. Between work, school, after-school activities and homework, you will be busy again.

Selecting after school activities is one big part of the back to school season. Many parents, pediatricians, teachers and coaches have suggestions for selecting back to school activities, but the decision is yours. How do you decide what is best for your child? When selecting the best after school activities for your kids, consider these tips:

Ask your child what he or she wants to do. While you want to select activities that help them grow and develop mentally, physically and emotionally, let your child give his or her input in the decision. Selecting an activity your child enjoys will often lead to a more fruitful and successful experience for both you and your child.

Shoot for team or group activities. Selecting after school activities that encourage your child to build team-building skills and make new friends will challenge them mentally and socially. Learning to work together with other people and learning how to deal with different personalities at a young age can benefit your child for life. Team sports (football, soccer, basketball) are also often more physical than individual sports, and can provide your child an outlet for energy that built up during the day while sitting in class.

Leave time for homework and fun. As adults, we often fill our schedules until they overflow. Be sure to leave your child some free time for fun in the evenings. If you select more than one after school activity, be sure they are on alternating nights of the week, so your child doesn’t have more than one after school activity each day. This will allow plenty of time for homework, and dinner as a family as well.

Develop a schedule and remember your kids’ health is most important. Being busy doesn’t necessitate compromising on what’s most important. Feeding your family healthy meals is one area you certainly won’t want to compromise on. Let’s face it: your busy life might mean you don’t have time to spend an hour or two preparing a healthy dinner for your family. Don’t sacrifice nutrition for convenience. There is such a thing as a quick, convenient meal that is healthy. Consider Take Away Chef — quick, easy, yet healthy meals for large groups, parties, or simply dinner with the family.

Stock up on our delicious, healthy, readymade frozen casseroles to toss in the oven on busy school nights. When you find yourself in a time crunch between picking the kids up from school and getting them to lacrosse practice, give us a call at 214-351-6888. Swing by after work and we’ll bring one of our freshly prepared frozen entrees made from our original recipes straight to your car.

S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest.

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