End of summer pool party tips

The new school year has started but the first three-day weekend is just around the corner. Kids will have Monday off of school for Labor Day — marking the end of summer. After Labor Day, area pools will be closed for the season and focus will shift from summer fun to school, fall and football.

What better way to say goodbye to summer than with one last pool party? Plan an end of summer pool party with these tips:

Music - Put together a playlist of your favorite summer fun and beach tunes. A few suggestions: Bob Marley, Beach Boys, and Sheryl Crow.

Decorations – Select a theme, beach or luau, to name a few. Select your decorations accordingly. Bright colors for table decorations, fresh flowers and beach toys are ideal.

Party Necessities – Be sure there is plenty of seating. If your party area doesn’t have natural shade provided by a tree or overhang, be sure to set up umbrellas to give your guests shelter from the sun. Have sunscreen readily available for guests. Stock the pool with toys, water guns, rafts, tubes and noodles.

Menu ­ - Light, refreshing foods and cold drinks are a necessity. Stock an ice chest full of bottled water, soda and beer. Ice tea and lemonade are also perfect pool party drinks. Consider serving up fresh frozen drinks, smoothies, margaritas or daiquiris.

For the meal our Take Away Chef menu has several refreshing summer dishes.

Try our chicken or tuna salad, or apricot chicken for the main course.  Serve them up with light salad made of field greens, grape tomatoes, feta or Parmesan cheese and balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette. Fresh fruits, like watermelons and grapes add a crisp, refreshing flavor to any menu.

Most importantly, plan plenty of fun and relaxation for your guests. Whether water volleyball or just floating with a cold beer in hand, the pool is the best place to be!

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