Overnight guests? Tips for feeding extra mouths

Every Dallas parent knows that feeding a family is expensive. While cooking at home is certainly less expensive than eating out, even the tab at the grocery store can add up. Feeling hospitable? Adding guests to the mix will rapidly raise your grocery bill.

The financial expense is one thing, but consider the added stress of planning meals for more than just your family. Throw kids into the mix and you may find it near impossible to please every hungry mouth in your home.

Opening your home to overnight guests doesn’t have to a budget breaker or add stress to your life. With a little bit of planning, you mealtime with guests can be budget-friendly and stress free!

Before your guests arrive, take advantage of these tips and prepare meals ahead of time:

Plan for allergies, likes and dislikes — This is especially important if any of your overnight guests are kids. A quick email to your adult guests can easily settle this. Find out if anyone has any food allergies, and if there are any foods kids might refuse to eat. It’s also smart to ask what snack foods are approved.

Prepare meals — Take some time to plan your menu for the course of your guests’ stay. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can all be planned ahead of time. Select recipes that are quick and easy, or can be prepared in advance and frozen.

Consider our Take Away Chef meals. Take Away Chef is our freshly prepared frozen entrees made from our original recipes. We offer ready-to-bake, family-sized casseroles that can even be delivered. Our meals are the perfect solution to your menu-planning headache. Here are just a few of the benefits of Take Away Chef:

Take Away Chef meals are healthy – Take Away Chef casseroles are a far healthier option than ordering pizza or takeout when you’re on a time crunch. Stock up your freezer with your family’s favorites Take Away Chef meals and know your kids won’t go hungry on busy nights.

Take Away Chef meals are quick and easy to prepare – Take Away Chef meals are easily prepared in the oven, without the mess of prep that often comes with cooking. Kids who are old enough to use the oven can easily prepare a healthy meal with Take Away Chef.

Take Away Chef meals are homemade – Our meals are packed full of the warm, comforting feel of a homemade meal. Don’t settle for frozen meals from the grocery store for your kids, there’s no hiding the fact those aren’t homemade. Our cooks will prepare casseroles especially for you when you order.

The most important thing you can do to prepare for guests is to plan ahead. Don’t expect to “wing it” when it comes to meals and be successful. The more people you add to the mix, the more difficult and stressful mealtime can be. Plan ahead, prepare in advance and take advantage of Take Away Chef and you’re sure to have plenty of time to enjoy visiting with your guests.

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