Planning a class party? Be prepared for the task with Take Away Chef boxed lunches.

Have you been recruited to help plan a class party for your school-aged child? If not, chances are that you will be asked to help at some point during their years of education! No pressure, but every kid wants his or her parent to plan the ‘best class party ever!’

Planning a memorable party that stands out among the rest can be challenging. Planning a class party on a budget can be even more of a challenge. Be prepared to meet your child’s expectations — have an idea of what makes a great class party before you are thrown into the task!

Before you get started plan to have a short conversation with the classroom teacher. There are a few pieces of information the teacher can provide that are necessary to the planning process. Be sure to ask the teacher these questions:

  • When will the party be held and how long will it last?
  • Where will the party be held (inside or outside)?
  • How many kids are in the class?
  • Do any children have any allergies or special needs that should be considered when planning party food and activities?
  • Can you contact other class parents asking for volunteers or donations?

Once you have the above information, move on to party details. While there is certainly no right or wrong way to host a classroom party, we have a few suggestions for what we think makes a great party.

Plan the theme in accordance with what the kids are learning. Integrating what the class is studying at the time into the party planning can make the party more than just a party — it can turn it into an educational experience. For example, if the students are learning about a particular culture in history or geography, use that culture as the main theme of the party, from decorations to food and activities. Even particular math or science skills the students are currently learning can be integrated into the party activities.  While this takes some coordination with the class teacher, it will certainly make the party more memorable for the students.

Provide the students with food to remember. Most school parties serve up cold, delivery pizza, or a variety of chips, pretzels and sweets. Change it up by providing a filling meal with delicious homemade food. Consider our Take Away Chef boxed lunches for the party, and be certain that no kid goes home hungry. Our boxed lunches are made fresh, delicious and nutritious!

Send every child home with a prize or souvenir. One way to be certain this class party is a memorable one is to send each child home with something special from the party. Whether it’s a craft made at the party, or a prize won during party games, if the children have something to take home, they won’t forget the fun they had as soon as they walk out of the classroom!

Having  basic idea of how to throw a successful classroom party means you’ll always be prepared, no matter when you’re recruited to help! For more information about our boxed lunches, call 214-351-6888.

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