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Train your children to make healthy food choices by making family dinnertime a priority

Posted on: September 20th, 2012

Taking time for family dinner is an important element of teaching your children to live health lifestyles. From an early age, children pick up on habits they see in their parents, including eating habits. If the habit for your family is to eat dinner at different times, or in front of the TV, your kids will establish those same habits as they grow into adulthood.

Teaching your children to be healthy is partly about teaching them to make healthy choices. As parents, you are able to guide their food choices by making healthy foods readily available to them. Teach your children from the time they are young to choose natural, low fat, low calorie foods over processed foods and junk food. Train them to avoid piling on extra calories with unnecessary dips and sauces.

To help instill these habits in your children, make a point of eating dinner together as a family as much as possible. Family dinnertime can become a special time for you and your children; a time every member of the family grows to look forward to. Take the opportunity to engage your children in conversation, reinforcing to them that you are interested in their lives.

Having conversation during family dinner will train your children to slow down while they eat. When we eat in a hurry, we are more likely to eat more because it takes time for our bodies to digest food so we feel full. It’s also important to teach your children to drink water with dinner. Water is not only a healthy drink choice, it helps us feel more full, which means we will eat less.

The earlier you begin training your children to live healthy lives, the more likely the will be to carry healthy habits into adulthood. We realize that you may not always have time to prepare a healthy meal for your family. That’s why we offer our Take Away Chef meals. Stock your freezer with our delicious, healthy, homemade frozen meals and you will have an easy yet healthy dinner option on nights when you are short on time. When the drive-thru option seems more appealing than cooking, give us a call on your way home from work, swing by S&S Catering and we’ll bring a hot, fresh meal right out to your car!

For more info on our healthy food options or to place an order, call us at 214-351-6888. S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest.

Take Away Chef — The easy dinner solution for busy Dallas families

Posted on: September 13th, 2012

Is your after school routine so busy you feel like you’re running in a hundred different directions? Do you struggle to get dinner on the table in the midst of football practice, dance class, piano lessons and homework? If so, you’re not alone. Americans are busier now than ever, and most families struggle to find the time to eat dinner together.

If picking up takeout on your way home is your idea of a family dinner, you haven’t tried Take Away Chef. You’re busy. We get it. But your busy life shouldn’t require a dependency on the drive-thru lane or Chinese delivery. Allow us to recommend an alternative: Take Away Chef homemade casseroles.

Our meals are made fresh from original S&S Catering recipes and are a much healthier option than the meals many busy families resort to. Taking the time to sit down and have a meal with your family is valuable. But in the midst of a busy schedule, it’s not always feasible to prepare and cook a meal and then sit down and eat it. Let us take the work out of family dinner with Take Away Chef. Our goal is to provide quick, easy, yet healthy meals for busy Dallas families

If you can manage one more stop on your busy evening, give us a call when you leave work, swing by S&S Catering and we’ll bring some of our Take Away Chef meals right out to your car.  We can even deliver to your home or office! Stock the freezer and you will have healthy gourmet casseroles ready when you need them.

Just call  to 214-351-6888, place your order and give us a ring when you arrive. We’ll bring your meal right out to your car!

S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest.

Football season is almost here! Tailgate party tips

Posted on: August 22nd, 2012

The Dallas Cowboys are 1-1 going into week three of the 2012 preseason. This Saturday, the Cowboys will face the St. Louis Rams at Cowboy Stadium. It will be the first home game of the season and with a high temperature in the low 90s forecast for Saturday, it can only mean one thing: It’s tailgating time!

If you’re a die-hard Cowboys fan and are planning to tailgate at Cowboys Stadium, or you’ll be hosting or attending a tailgate party in the driveway, here are a few tips for a successful tailgating season:

Remember the two F’s. Tailgating is all about the two F’s: Football and food. Let the Cowboys take care of the football, while you can take care of the food. Bring the grill to cook up your favorite meats, and we’ll take care of the rest with our Take Away Chef casseroles.  Give us a call ahead of time at 214-351-6888, and we’ll bring your casseroles hot and ready right out to your car on the way to the party.

Every man will love you if you come loaded with our home-style meals, like Mom’s Favorite Meatloaf, King Ranch Chicken, along with Macaroni or Cheese and Sweet Potato Bake.  Our Take Away Chef casseroles are cheap, easy and delicious.

Support your team. Don’t even think about showing up to a tailgate party without sporting your team’s colors. Don’t be afraid to go all out in support of your favorite team. (Go Cowboys!)

Make yourself at home. The best tailgating parties are complete with the best seating. Whether you’re tailgating at Cowboys Stadium, or in the driveway, be sure you’ve got the best seat in the house. Camping chairs or your living room couch — comfortable seating is a necessity. Don’t worry — Nobody’s going to think twice about you rolling up to the stadium with your leather sofa in the bed of your F-150.

Have more tailgating ideas or great tailgating stories? Share them with us on our Facebook page.

Labor Day Party Tips

Posted on: August 15th, 2012

A new school year begins in Dallas on August 27 and this year, the first weekend after school starts is a three-day weekend! Monday, September 3 is Labor Day. Traditionally, Labor Day was a day dedicated to celebrating the many social and economic achievements and contributions of American workers; a tribute to their hard work. Today, Labor Day most often means a last chance party before fall is full swing. It even be the last chance to hit the pools before they close for the season.

How will you celebrate Labor Day this year? Are you planning a day at the lake? A picnic in the park? A party at the pool? However you plan to spend Labor Day, here are three things to keep in mind.

  1. Leave time to relax! Since Labor Day was established in the 1880’s, it has been a day to celebrate the hard work of American laborers. A day to sit back, relax and rest from all the work done throughout the year. If your family is like most busy Dallas families, you’ll likely have places to be, things to do and errands to run on Labor Day. Try to work some time for relaxation into your schedule as well. Break out the hammock and lawn chairs, or throw a couple blankets out on the lawn. Enjoy time outside and relax with family and friends this Labor Day!
  2. Eat! What’s a holiday without food? Whether you’re spending the weekend at the lake, hosting a backyard barbecue, or planning a picnic in the park, don’t spend too much time laboring over your Labor Day menu. That defeats the purpose of the holiday! Let your favorite Dallas caterer take care of your Labor Day party food. If you’re planning a small, quiet shindig, order a premade, oven-ready meal from Take Away Chef
  3. Have fun! If you just can’t sit still all day, there are plenty of group activities to make your day special. In many area communities Labor Day weekend is the last weekend public pools are open for the summer. Take the kids to the pool for one last day of swimming before the reality of a new school year sets in. A group hike, softball or ultimate Frisbee are sure ways to keep your friends and family having fun.

Enjoy the first three-day weekend of the school year, and the extra day off work! Take time to celebrate the achievements and hard work you and other Americans contribute to our society on a daily basis.

Call S&S Catering today for more information on our catering services as well as premade and packed dinners, boxed lunches and sandwich trays from Take Away Chef.

Back to school and back to school activities

Posted on: August 9th, 2012

Dallas public schools are back in session on August 27. Are you ready for the craziness of a new school year to begin? The freedom that comes with summer will soon come to an end. Between work, school, after-school activities and homework, you will be busy again.

Selecting after school activities is one big part of the back to school season. Many parents, pediatricians, teachers and coaches have suggestions for selecting back to school activities, but the decision is yours. How do you decide what is best for your child? When selecting the best after school activities for your kids, consider these tips:

Ask your child what he or she wants to do. While you want to select activities that help them grow and develop mentally, physically and emotionally, let your child give his or her input in the decision. Selecting an activity your child enjoys will often lead to a more fruitful and successful experience for both you and your child.

Shoot for team or group activities. Selecting after school activities that encourage your child to build team-building skills and make new friends will challenge them mentally and socially. Learning to work together with other people and learning how to deal with different personalities at a young age can benefit your child for life. Team sports (football, soccer, basketball) are also often more physical than individual sports, and can provide your child an outlet for energy that built up during the day while sitting in class.

Leave time for homework and fun. As adults, we often fill our schedules until they overflow. Be sure to leave your child some free time for fun in the evenings. If you select more than one after school activity, be sure they are on alternating nights of the week, so your child doesn’t have more than one after school activity each day. This will allow plenty of time for homework, and dinner as a family as well.

Develop a schedule and remember your kids’ health is most important. Being busy doesn’t necessitate compromising on what’s most important. Feeding your family healthy meals is one area you certainly won’t want to compromise on. Let’s face it: your busy life might mean you don’t have time to spend an hour or two preparing a healthy dinner for your family. Don’t sacrifice nutrition for convenience. There is such a thing as a quick, convenient meal that is healthy. Consider Take Away Chef — quick, easy, yet healthy meals for large groups, parties, or simply dinner with the family.

Stock up on our delicious, healthy, readymade frozen casseroles to toss in the oven on busy school nights. When you find yourself in a time crunch between picking the kids up from school and getting them to lacrosse practice, give us a call at 214-351-6888. Swing by after work and we’ll bring one of our freshly prepared frozen entrees made from our original recipes straight to your car.

S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest.

Overnight guests? Tips for feeding extra mouths

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012

Every Dallas parent knows that feeding a family is expensive. While cooking at home is certainly less expensive than eating out, even the tab at the grocery store can add up. Feeling hospitable? Adding guests to the mix will rapidly raise your grocery bill.

The financial expense is one thing, but consider the added stress of planning meals for more than just your family. Throw kids into the mix and you may find it near impossible to please every hungry mouth in your home.

Opening your home to overnight guests doesn’t have to a budget breaker or add stress to your life. With a little bit of planning, you mealtime with guests can be budget-friendly and stress free!

Before your guests arrive, take advantage of these tips and prepare meals ahead of time:

Plan for allergies, likes and dislikes — This is especially important if any of your overnight guests are kids. A quick email to your adult guests can easily settle this. Find out if anyone has any food allergies, and if there are any foods kids might refuse to eat. It’s also smart to ask what snack foods are approved.

Prepare meals — Take some time to plan your menu for the course of your guests’ stay. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can all be planned ahead of time. Select recipes that are quick and easy, or can be prepared in advance and frozen.

Consider our Take Away Chef meals. Take Away Chef is our freshly prepared frozen entrees made from our original recipes. We offer ready-to-bake, family-sized casseroles that can even be delivered. Our meals are the perfect solution to your menu-planning headache. Here are just a few of the benefits of Take Away Chef:

Take Away Chef meals are healthy – Take Away Chef casseroles are a far healthier option than ordering pizza or takeout when you’re on a time crunch. Stock up your freezer with your family’s favorites Take Away Chef meals and know your kids won’t go hungry on busy nights.

Take Away Chef meals are quick and easy to prepare – Take Away Chef meals are easily prepared in the oven, without the mess of prep that often comes with cooking. Kids who are old enough to use the oven can easily prepare a healthy meal with Take Away Chef.

Take Away Chef meals are homemade – Our meals are packed full of the warm, comforting feel of a homemade meal. Don’t settle for frozen meals from the grocery store for your kids, there’s no hiding the fact those aren’t homemade. Our cooks will prepare casseroles especially for you when you order.

The most important thing you can do to prepare for guests is to plan ahead. Don’t expect to “wing it” when it comes to meals and be successful. The more people you add to the mix, the more difficult and stressful mealtime can be. Plan ahead, prepare in advance and take advantage of Take Away Chef and you’re sure to have plenty of time to enjoy visiting with your guests.

Party Planning Tips for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Posted on: July 13th, 2012

Birthday parties should be easy enough to plan, but as kids get older, they can be harder to please. If you have a child with a birthday coming up, start planning his or her party today. Planning ahead will help keep the party planning stress-free and ensure all the details come together as they should.

Here are a few tips to get your party planning started:

Plan the activities. The first step to planning a birthday party is determining what the birthday boy or girl wants to do for the party. Party activities often determine the location of the party. Kids birthday parties range from games and arts and crafts at home to swimming, bounce houses and special entertainment from musicians, magicians and more. is a great resources for getting party ideas and finding party places in your area. You may also find coupons and special offers for some of the locations listed at

Plan the food. A great kids birthday party must have great food. Planning food for a number of people can be challenging, especially when it involves children. Find out any food allergies your child’s friends may have. Know how many people will be attending, including a breakdown of children and adults. If the party is at a location other than your home, find out what types of food and drink are permitted. Some locations may require you to purchase food off their menu. If you are hosting the birthday party at home or are able to bring outside food to your party location, consider S&S Catering and Take Away Chef. We offer a number of sandwiches, desserts and boxed lunches that are perfect for birthday parties.

Organize help. A party with dozens of children will be difficult to pull off without support. Invite other parents to stay for the party. To help things run smoothly, delegate tasks to your helpers, such as monitoring games and activities or helping serve food.

Most importantly, have fun! Birthdays only come around once a year, and it’s important to be sure your child feels special and celebrated on their birthday.

Fun Block Party Tips Just in Time for Fourth of July

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012

July 4th is just around the corner. Still making plans? Gather your friends and neighbors and celebrate America’s Independence with a block party!

Block parties are a timeless tradition. Whether drinking beers on the patio, or hosting a cookout, what better way to enjoy the weather and get to know your neighbors than a neighborhood get together? Fourth of July is the perfect time for a block party, as neighbors gather to celebrate over food and fireworks.

Your neighborhood homeowners association may even host an annual block party during the summer complete with food, drinks, music and games for kids and adults alike.  But not all block parties have to be hosted by the homeowner’s association. Any individual or family could host a block party for a variety of occasions.

In addition to the upcoming Forth of July, block parties are also ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and many of life’s other celebrations. They are great opportunities for kids to get to know other children in the area, and for adults and parents to form connections.

Knowing your neighbors is about more than having someone to borrow eggs from when you run out. It also increases your safety and the safety of your neighborhood when neighbors know and look out for each other. There is no better way to foster these relationships than through block party.

If you are hosting a neighborhood block party, here are a few tips to get your planning started:

  • Choose a few of your neighbors and form a planning committee.
  • Select a date time and location.
  • Look into any city or HOA permits that may be required to hold a block party.
  • Determine if the party food will be catered or potluck style. Fourth of July isn’t complete without a few American favorites like watermelon, corn on the cob and burgers or hot dogs.
  • Make arrangements for restroom facilities, if necessary.
  • Send out invitations.
  • Publicize the party with posters and signs around the neighborhood.
  • Decorate in red, white and blue and let the festivities begin!

Whether you are hosting a block party, or have been invited and requested to bring food, S&S Catering has a variety of food options ideal for large group picnics and parties.

Click here to view our events catering menu.

The number one key to a successful block party is remembering to have fun! A block party should not be a source of stress for anyone involved, but should be a time to relax, enjoy the weather and spend time building relationships with neighbors.

Can’t go on a summer vacation? Plan a fun Dallas staycation!

Posted on: June 13th, 2012

Dale Chihuly glass sculpture

Have gas prices and the down economy changed your summer vacation plans? Many families don’t have the funds to take the kids on a big family vacation this year, but that doesn’t mean this summer can’t still be memorable. If your summer plans consist of a “staycation” rather than a vacation, make this summer one your family will remember.

There is always something new to discover or experience in Dallas. Need a few ideas for a fun summer staycation?

Plan a picnic – Picnics are timeless activity for families and a great opportunity to make new memories. Whether it’s a picnic by the lake, on the lawn at the Arboretum or in your own backyard, a picnic is perfect for spending time in the sun with your family. Don’t want to prepare a picnic meal? Give us a call ahead of time, and swing by to pick up one of our Take Away Chef meals or even a fruit or sandwich platter. Don’t forget to toss the Frisbee into your bag, or grab a baseball mitt and ball for a game of catch with the kids.

Shakespeare in the Park – If you love the arts, Shakespeare in the Park is definitely a summer event you’ll want to take advantage of. Every summer, Shakespeare Dallas puts on productions at the Samuell Grand Amphitheater and Addison Circle Park. The 2012 Season of Shakespeare in the Park features: Twelfth Night, Coriolanus and Macbeth. Pack a picnic, complete with your favorite bottle of wine, and head out for a night of Shakespeare. These events are family friendly, but best suited for older kids or teens.

Dallas Summer Musicals – Catch some of the nation’s best musicals and Off Broadway musicals at the Music Hall at Fair Park. This year’s Dallas Summer Musicals season includes: Memphis, Mama Mia! Peter Pan, and The Addams Family. You don’t have to travel all the way to New York City to see a great musical — take your family out to a musical right here in Dallas!

Dallas Arboretum – Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum. You may have caught a glimpse of the incredible blown glass creations while walking along the east bank of White Rock Lake. The Chihuly exhibit is a one-of-a-kind exhibit exclusively at the Dallas Arboretum now through November 4.

The Arboretum also offers a summer concert series. Every Tuesday and Thursday night through the end of July, you can catch a different band performing live on the lawn at the Arboretum.  Pack a picnic and take the kids out for a fun evening of music, nature and Chihuly!

Trip to the Zoo – The Dallas/Ft. Worth area has two spectacular zoos. Choose between the Dallas Zoo and Ft. Worth and make a day of it. Before you head out, be sure to look online for special admission deals and special summer events at the zoo you may want to check out. Don’t forget about the Dallas World Aquarium, part of the Dallas Zoos. While the aquarium features more jungle creatures than sea creatures, the manatees are a must see.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Our beloved Texas Rangers have had a great start to the season. Take the family out for a ballgame before the World Series rolls around.  Wednesday nights are $1 hot dog night, which is perfect for families. Get your tickets now, because many of the games have sold out. This just might be the season Josh Hamilton breaks the record for homeruns!  A little hint: This is Texas, and it is hot at the ballpark. If you’re going to an afternoon game, buy tickets in the third deck above home plate or along the first baseline and your seats should be in the shade.

If an out-of-town family vacation is out of the question this year, plan a family staycation for a little in-town fun. Don’t let your kids spend their summer sitting around the house. Guide Live has a great list of other area events and attractions going on this summer.

Make Your Memorial Day Memorable With These Party Planning Tips

Posted on: May 16th, 2012

Memorial Day is just around the corner. What will you do this Memorial Day? Is Memorial Day a free day off work for you to spend at the lake or watching baseball? Do you remember or even know the real meaning of Memorial Day?

Memorial Day has been an American holiday since 1868, a day set aside to honor fallen U.S. service men and women.  Today, Memorial Day is celebrated across the country, not only honoring those who have died in service to our country, but also to honor the memory of friends and loved ones who have passed.

With an extra day off work to celebrate Memorial Day, many people across the country celebrate with trips to the lake, or family cookouts.  If you’re planning a Memorial Day celebration, here are some tips to make the day truly memorable.

Decorate with red, white and blue. No, it’s not July 4th, but Memorial Day is likely the second most patriotic holiday celebrated in America. Break out your stars and stripes and red, white and blue balloons, tablecloths and flowers. Remember, if you’re flying an American flag, it should be flown at half-mast until noon.

Don’t miss the parade. Chances are, your community is hosting a Memorial Day parade. Get your day started off on the right foot, by celebrating with local veterans and service men and women, police and the fire department.

Food. Whether a backyard BBQ, picnic in the park, or something more formal, spend a little time planning your Memorial Day menu. Need help with great eats? Let S&S cater your event, or grab a pre-made meal for your picnic from Take Away Chef.

Say “Thanks” to servicemen and women. The men and women who serve in our military are willing to give their lives to protect our country and our freedom. Take time this Memorial Day to express your gratitude to those who serve our country in the armed forces. If any of your party guests are service men or women, take a few moments to recognize their sacrifice and contribution to our great nation.

Want another way to say “Thanks?” Why not show your support for the United States military by treating your friends, family members or co-workers who have served in the armed forces to a freshly prepared meal?  Take Away Chef will prepare and deliver a full meal right to their door, allowing them to spend a night away from the kitchen.

Call S&S Catering today for more information on our catering services as well as pre-prepared and packed dinners from Take Away Chef.