Take Away Chef — The easy dinner solution for busy Dallas families

Is your after school routine so busy you feel like you’re running in a hundred different directions? Do you struggle to get dinner on the table in the midst of football practice, dance class, piano lessons and homework? If so, you’re not alone. Americans are busier now than ever, and most families struggle to find the time to eat dinner together.

If picking up takeout on your way home is your idea of a family dinner, you haven’t tried Take Away Chef. You’re busy. We get it. But your busy life shouldn’t require a dependency on the drive-thru lane or Chinese delivery. Allow us to recommend an alternative: Take Away Chef homemade casseroles.

Our meals are made fresh from original S&S Catering recipes and are a much healthier option than the meals many busy families resort to. Taking the time to sit down and have a meal with your family is valuable. But in the midst of a busy schedule, it’s not always feasible to prepare and cook a meal and then sit down and eat it. Let us take the work out of family dinner with Take Away Chef. Our goal is to provide quick, easy, yet healthy meals for busy Dallas families

If you can manage one more stop on your busy evening, give us a call when you leave work, swing by S&S Catering and we’ll bring some of our Take Away Chef meals right out to your car.  We can even deliver to your home or office! Stock the freezer and you will have healthy gourmet casseroles ready when you need them.

Just call  to 214-351-6888, place your order and give us a ring when you arrive. We’ll bring your meal right out to your car!

S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest.

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