Train your children to make healthy food choices by making family dinnertime a priority

Taking time for family dinner is an important element of teaching your children to live health lifestyles. From an early age, children pick up on habits they see in their parents, including eating habits. If the habit for your family is to eat dinner at different times, or in front of the TV, your kids will establish those same habits as they grow into adulthood.

Teaching your children to be healthy is partly about teaching them to make healthy choices. As parents, you are able to guide their food choices by making healthy foods readily available to them. Teach your children from the time they are young to choose natural, low fat, low calorie foods over processed foods and junk food. Train them to avoid piling on extra calories with unnecessary dips and sauces.

To help instill these habits in your children, make a point of eating dinner together as a family as much as possible. Family dinnertime can become a special time for you and your children; a time every member of the family grows to look forward to. Take the opportunity to engage your children in conversation, reinforcing to them that you are interested in their lives.

Having conversation during family dinner will train your children to slow down while they eat. When we eat in a hurry, we are more likely to eat more because it takes time for our bodies to digest food so we feel full. It’s also important to teach your children to drink water with dinner. Water is not only a healthy drink choice, it helps us feel more full, which means we will eat less.

The earlier you begin training your children to live healthy lives, the more likely the will be to carry healthy habits into adulthood. We realize that you may not always have time to prepare a healthy meal for your family. That’s why we offer our Take Away Chef meals. Stock your freezer with our delicious, healthy, homemade frozen meals and you will have an easy yet healthy dinner option on nights when you are short on time. When the drive-thru option seems more appealing than cooking, give us a call on your way home from work, swing by S&S Catering and we’ll bring a hot, fresh meal right out to your car!

For more info on our healthy food options or to place an order, call us at 214-351-6888. S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest.

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